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Morecambe and Wise Video Film Archive Restoration

'You Can't See the Join!' - Recovering Morecambe and Wise Posted by  BBC Research and Development  on 29 Dec 2017, last updated 30 Dec 2017 A regular TV tradition  at this time of year is the repeat of the Morecambe and Wise Christmas specials  and 2017 is no exception  - there is even a  special BBC FOUR drama about the pair on air this evening too . We thought readers might enjoy  a good tale of some work we're involved with - to recover an episode of the comedy duo's TV series  that was previously considered 'lost'. It involves some pretty advanced tech development work -  a 'diseased' film, a trip to Nigeria, dentistry, lasers, X-ray tomography, algorithms and some goo...  Television archiving expert  Charles Norton  writes about his involvement with the work in the  first of this three part series . In 1968,  ITV lost Morecambe and Wise . The famous comedy duo‘s contract with Lew Grade’s ATV company came up fo


BESPOKE ARCHIVE DIGITISATION SERVICES IN OXFORD Working with clients to include libraries, museums, archivist collections, Royal Navy, Blenheim Palace, B4 Business, Colleges and University of Oxford we support companies with their extensive collections that need converting into digital formats. From administration records, invoices, deeds and documents to 1000’s of photographs, medium format film and slides, negatives and special formats. We can quite capably support all our digitisation requirements. Our staff are highly trained and can offer guidance into your digital needs. Contact us on 01865 457000 or email Services Digital files can be created from the following originals: • Books • Ledgers • Manuscripts • Scrolls • Maps • Plans • Newspapers • Registers • Magazines • Photographs • Photographic Film • Glass plate Film • Artworks • Microfilm • Microfiche • Video/Cinefilm • Audio tape formats Kind regards Cheryl-Lee Foulsham Dir

Preserving Historical Speeches from the late Sir Stirling Moss!

WE HAVE BEEN PRESERVING HISTORICAL SPEECHES FROM THE LATE SIR STIRLING MOSS! and many other important historical footage and audio of historical and academic value. It takes between 10-15 years for audio and video content to start the degradation and become format obsolete. Many libraries, archives and museums currently hold enormous time based media. Consider environmental issues surrounding storage and this becomes a major issue. Quite frightening when the historical content could be lost forever. It doesn't have to be though. Our team are here to support. PRESERVING TIME BASED MEDIA Audio and video materials of significant cultural and historical value can sometimes fall under the hands of people who lack specialised training. At Oxford Digitisation Centre we understand the challenges of preserving time based media. We support collections from several units to the 1000's expertly handling the contents and converting them to formats suitable for archiving

UNDERSTANDING DIGITISATION and why you should bite the bullet and digitise.

OXFORD DIGITISATION CENTRE T:  01865 457000 So what is this new term that is floating around and one that sits very comfortably with Oxford Digitisation Centre? In its simplest it means the conversion of analogue information into digital information. DIGITISATION IS A STEP EVEN GREATER THAN THE INTERNET! Digitisation is fast becoming imperative where analogue materials are required to be converted to digital in formats that include H.264 MPEG4, MP3, TIFF and PDF's. THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN At Oxford Digitisation we specialise in supporting you with all your ongoing digital conversion needs as the world moves further into online presence. LOOKING AT THE BIGGER PICTURE Archives of collections, videos, audio, documents, film and photographic film have great potential to businesses in providing exciting online content, not to mention ensuring you have high qualit


CD CONVERSION & RIPPING SERVICES OXFORDSHIRE UK  We offer a professional service that quickly and easily converts your entire CD collection into digital music files suitable for your digital music player. Enjoy the full potential of your Digital Music System (Linn, Moon, Auralic, Sonos, Naim etc) with these professionally created files without any hassle. Converting audio CDs into the following formats: Apple Lossless, FLAC, MP3, AAC, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, WMA Lossless, WAV, and more. Inclusive Collection and Delivery of your CDs High quality conversion techniques Multiple formats available - including lossless formats Help and advice loading your digital music player Comprehensive and consistent album, artist, track data Album art when available Pricing The following table shows the pricing per audio CD and the discounts available for larger orders. ** The minimum order value is 50CDs or £50.00.  All prices exclude VAT @ 20% Number of CDs Single File Format Price for additi

Converting Family VHS Tapes to DVD or Digital Files. Helping to Preserve Your Family Memories.

VHS VHS-C VHS-S FAMILY TAPE CONVERSION TO DVD OR MPEG4 FROM 1 WEDDING VHS TAPE TO 100's OF TAPES. NO ORDER IS TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE. Old family VHS tapes deteriorate over time, equally tape machines are becoming rare due the equipment to play your videos on becoming hard to find. So its becoming more important to ensure your precious memories and home videos are converted soon than later. Fluctuating temperatures of attics and garages do not help.  These can start the process of mould damage, and when this starts it can literally rot your tapes.  Always ensure your tapes are kept in a cool area away from drafts.   We are Oxfordshire's leading conversion specialists and support our clients in all areas of tape transfers and conversions to include:   VHS VHS-C SVHS Tapes Hi8 Digital 8 and Video 8 Tapes Mini DV Tapes Mini DVD Tapes Betamax Tapes Floppy Discs Memory Cards SD Formats Mobile Phones Video Tape Repairs DV Cam Tapes Betacam Tapes NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC.

Old Cine Film - Preserving The Magic Of Photography

Convert Old Cine Film to DVD, Home Movies in OXFORDSHIRE UK Cine 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm Cine Film and 16mm Cine Film Transfers. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the very best in converting old cine film transfers to DVD or USB. These are perfect for families, archives and museums in Oxfordshire and the UK.  Our services are highly recommended and used by many businesses. Trust the company that other businesses use. Cine Film tranfers to Digital files & DVD start from just £13.50.  Our old 8mm cine film conversion is extensive and can cater for all conversion short orders to large batch projects of cine film.  Video editing is supported for personalised or post production works. Contact us or call the office and speak to a friendly technician 01865 457000. CINE FILM TRANSFERS IN OXFORDSHIRE UK

Large Format Scanning Oxfordshire

WIDE FORMAT SCANNING SOLUTIONS IN OXFORDSHIRE UK Archiving and Scanning Duplication at Oxford Duplication Centre Highly recommended in Oxfordshire and Thames Valley as one of the leading digitisation scanning and archive specialists working to preservation and Getty submission guidelines. We hold 5***** testimonials from University of Oxford, B4 Business, Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers Museums to include thousands of consumer clients. DRAWING SCANNING AND LARGE FORMAT SCANS Our company can support you with your drawing scanning when storage is becoming a problem.  Helping you with your archives of drawings our service will convert these into manageable digital files in either full colour or mono into the required resolution of your choice. Examples of the type of large format scanning we currently undertake are: Architectural Drawings,  Engineering Drawings, Electrical & Mechanical Drawings, Local Authority Plans, Railway Drawings, Circuit Diagrams, Building & Constructi