This case study is about how the cheapest price is sometimes not always the best price.

A regular client came in and asked for the best possible deal. We endeavor to support great prices but unfortunately this time the client was armed with a quotation from another company that had radically undercut our price. 

We reluctantly had to let them go because the margins were just not feasible. But I was very concerned about this company as I had not heard of them before. 

I stressed that for the other company to make such a low margin means 2 possible reasons:

1. They are on the process of bankruptcy and pushing for as many sales as possible
2. They are using the cheapest stock possible

As a company ourselves we are ranked in the top 5 in the UK for our duplication services. We compete with these high ranking companies offering the same discs, the same packaging options and high quality finishes and all our prices reflect that. Any changes in pricing should be a concern not a saving to our clients.

A few weeks later I received the call that I was expecting. The client contacted me in a terrible state apologising for using the other company but needing support from us to resolve their issues. With gigs coming up they were very concerned that the discs were not playing correctly and wished us to prepare a disc check.

We are always happy to support clients, new, current and returning. So when we received a few samples and put these through our checking system and found what we expected, many errors in the processing which resulted in low end and top end fluctuations.

Other very serious issues were as follows:

• They were using Ritek CD’s – The cheapest and inefficient disc on the market.
• The CD image was paper printed – Never recommended due to causing play back issues.
• Packaging plastic was inferior – Case cracked when opened.
• The printing paper and ink was inferior – Low grade paper and ink.

We immediately supported them with a new batch of 250 CDs to replace the inferior discs as requested.

This has now cost our client a 1/3rd more in price than what it would have cost in using our company. We may not be the cheapest but we are competitive to the best in the UK and only offer high quality solutions.


We work extensively with the local Music Scene. You will see us on the front page of Nightshift Music Magazine that Rowan has worked hard to establish over the years that I have known him to ensure this is the leading magazine in Oxfordshire.

If you are interested in local music then I would strongly suggest in picking up a free copy and pop along to one of the many talented bands in and around Oxford. Perhaps even see our Digital Technician Leigh Taylor perform in his exceptionally talented band Zurich. You will see him playing the drums.

Our services are thermal print. This means we can offer 600dpi stunning print finishes, waterproof, UV protected and scratch proof discs with the results highly professional and eye catching. Our digital printing is CMYK on paper and card that is high standard which saturates incredibly well. And our packaging is never compromised. The plastics are sourced from high grade suppliers.

The machines we use are Microboard and R-Quest. The leading duplication units in the world. We never compromise our quality but we always offer the very best at the most competitive leading price.

And with 100’s of regular testimonials in 2017 we are proud to be recommended by recording studios, production companies, record labels, musicians and bands, and magazines alike.
So in retrospect.

When you start with an idea of music, leading to many hours in a recording studio, to the expense of mastering the CD, trust a leading duplication company to complete the rest of the project. Duplication is seen as the last stage and can be compromised in quality. In our professionalism, it simply is not worth fighting the pennies when your music is at stake.

Other services include:

  • CD DVD and USB Duplication, Digital Printing and Packaging
  • Fulfilment Services
  • Full Video and Audio Analogue to Digital
  • Post Production & Restoration
  • Film Scanning and Wide Format Scanning Solutions
  • Document and Book Scanning
  • Slides, Negatives and Photograph Scanning

Warm regards

Cheryl-Lee Foulsham
Oxford Duplication Centre
Film Video Audio Scan Cloud
A: 29 Banbury Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AQ
T: 01865 457000 | M: 07917 775477
W: www.oxfordduplicationcentre.com

Region(s): Oxfordshire
Sector(s): Archiving and Digitisation


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