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Converting Family VHS Tapes to DVD or Digital Files. Helping to Preserve Your Family Memories.

VHS VHS-C VHS-S FAMILY TAPE CONVERSION TO DVD OR MPEG4 FROM 1 WEDDING VHS TAPE TO 100's OF TAPES. NO ORDER IS TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE. Old family VHS tapes deteriorate over time, equally tape machines are becoming rare due the equipment to play your videos on becoming hard to find. So its becoming more important to ensure your precious memories and home videos are converted soon than later. Fluctuating temperatures of attics and garages do not help.  These can start the process of mould damage, and when this starts it can literally rot your tapes.  Always ensure your tapes are kept in a cool area away from drafts.   We are Oxfordshire's leading conversion specialists and support our clients in all areas of tape transfers and conversions to include:   VHS VHS-C SVHS Tapes Hi8 Digital 8 and Video 8 Tapes Mini DV Tapes Mini DVD Tapes Betamax Tapes Floppy Discs Memory Cards SD Formats Mobile Phones Video Tape Repairs DV Cam Tapes Betacam Tapes NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC.