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Oxford Living Employer Certificate and Company Collateral

W e are delighted to be an Oxford Living Wage (OLW) Employer.   To encourage employers to pay the Oxford Living Wage –  the Rate of which is £10.50 per hour for 2022-2023 –  Oxford City Council runs an employer recognition scheme. As part of this Scheme, we have been awarded again, as an Oxford Living Wage Employer, the following OLW Company Collateral: You will see on our website our OLW Logo, displayed proudly on our Website, Social Media and Business Premises. Our Business Name will be published on Oxford City Council’s Website: We encourage you to support your Peers, to become an Oxford Living Wage Employer, and so, welcome you, ‘spreading the word’; if you know of other Businesses who may be interested, they can contact us/Economic Development at:   We look forward to working with you – as a current Oxford Living Employer – in continuing to make Oxford City
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Gunpowder & Glory: The Explosive Life of Frank Brock OBE

Working with Harry Smee on his fascinating and historical history of his family, we have been digitising to high-quality TIFF archive files, the complete archive of Frank Brock OBE over the past several years. Digitisation covered many aspects including oversized journals in varying degrees of decay, due to age related issues. Book and paper document scanning and large transparencies.   The output images were post produced before preparing to various sized formats ready for publication in  Gunpowder & Glory: The Explosive Life of Frank Brock OBE. If we can support you with your family archives, corporate or heritage archives, please do contact or call 01865 457000. Publication LINK Kind regards Cheryl OVERVIEW - • Frank Brock was the epitome of Boy's Own heroism, a daring intelligence agent and a skilled inventor • The first German airship shot down was destroyed by the 'Brock Bullet' • Brock's artificial fog was a crucial aspect t
The Davenport Collection – a growing resource on magic and entertainment history Our studio are proud to be digitising The Davenports extensive 35mm motion film collection.  They have been accumulating magic, puzzles, jokes, novelties and related ephemera ever since Lewis Davenport founded Davenports magic business in 1898. It was not until the 1980s that a start was made on assessing the breadth and depth of what the family owned. The task of collating and communicating the contents of the collection has already resulted in: Specialist talks given at gatherings of magic history enthusiasts and researchers. Articles in magic journals. Books about the history of the Maskelynes, Will Goldston and the Davenports and their association with famous magical personalities. This website is the next stage in making the family collection more accessible to: Researchers and those interested in the history of magic and entertainment Once sp