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1991: Iraqi Scud missiles hit Israel

AUDIO CASSETTE TO HQ HERITAGE WAV FILES One of our unique and interesting orders that arrived this week was in the form of an old audio cassette tape.   On this tape is a recording of 1991: Iraqi Scud missiles attack that hit Israel during this very troubled time. Our role is to convert the audio into an archival WAV file with audio restoration applied to remove the audio cassette issues of hiss and age related wear. This order has sentimental value as both the client and his wife were in a hotel when the Scud missiles hit.  Iraq had attacked two Israeli cities with Scud missiles, prompting fears that Israel may be drawn into the Gulf War. Israel's largest city, Tel Aviv, and Haifa, its main seaport, were hit in the attacks, which began at 0300 local time (0100 GMT), when most residents were asleep.

Personal Archiving Projects

Archiving a Life Story Most of us comb through a lifelong collection of personal papers and photos either when we have plenty of free time (typically in retirement) or when we have to deal with the belongings of a deceased loved one.  All too often the job seems so daunting and overwhelming that our natural response is to get discouraged and say, “I don’t know where to begin” or “It’s too much; I’ll do it some other time” or worse, “I’ll just get rid of it all.” At Oxford Duplication Centre, our archivists process every type of collection imaginable. We often acquire personal papers and mementos, things that had special meaning to the owner, not only letters and photos but also locks of hair, newspaper clippings and documents. Some collections arrive neatly organised and others arrive heaped into makeshift containers.  “Not everyone values this stuff but if you archive it, it will be there for somebody in a later generation. There may be one person who really cares about their fa