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World War II Historical Photograph Scanning for Publications

Current Project:   We are working on photograph albums dating back to 1939 which holds historical images from World War II.   It is important to handle these rare albums with a ‘white glove approach’, to ensure oils from our hands are not transferred across to the media.   All images are gently brushed and cleaned before being converted to high quality TIFF images at 600dpi.   We use the most advanced software from Silverfast, a leading archive scanning suite which offers the very highest in scanning.   The software is designed to work precisely with our dedicated scanners. The output is an accurate true image representation.  Working with many consumer and corporate clients, our photograph scanning services are extensively used.    From family albums to historical TIFF preservation of photographic images, we can support all clients. If we can support you with your archival or consumer collection, please do not hesitate to contact us. or ca