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Be brilliant and adapt technologies for your specific social purposes!!

Why Slowdown in Technological Innovation Is Actually Good for Business New Technologies Have Stalled, But New Ideas Haven't By . Published on May 13, 2014

Marketing is poised for exponential growth in large part because technological innovation has dried up. On the heels of the digital revolution of the mid-1990s and the social revolution of the mid-2000s, the pace of new social and digital technologies inevitably slackened. Given the respite, marketers shifted away from their desire to innovate something totally new in favor of putting together already existing technologies in smarter ways. Here is how we came to this future: During 1993 to 1995 -- at the dawn of the digital marketing age -- innovation was palpable. The rise of fast-growing internet service providers such as AOL and CompuServe launched the phenomenon of mass information and social sharing. and ushered in e-commerce. And long before the dot-com fire of 2000, the internet's ba…