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VHS Copy of Movie Sells for Tens of Thousands

For many years now, we have been advising clients to not throw away their old VHS tapes, unless they have checked out a few sites to confirm they are not valuable.   Recently, an old VHS tape, a sealed copy of 1986 Back to The Future made a record price. The highest ever paid for a VHS tape! Do check our blog on VHS tapes and their collection price future down our blog pages. Kind regards Cheryl - Oxford Duplication Centre Ltd Share HOTLINES VHS Copy of Movie Sells for Tens of Thousands NOVEMBER 1, 2022 Record price for a VHS tape.  Check your old VHS collection. A sealed copy of the 1986 comedy  Back to the Future  was recently sold for $75,000 by Heritage Auctions. The closing price is believed to be the highest ever paid for a VHS tape. The tape came from the collection of Tom Wilson, an actor featured in the Back to the Future trilogy. The tape was still in its original shrink wrap and rated near-mint by experts. Wilson starred as Biff Tannen and other members of the Tannen family
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Flashlights On The Past Vol 2 - Non-Destructive Book Scanning of Rare Diaries

Harold Tom Baillie-Grohman Our rare book scanning services are supporting one of our clients with their rare diary digitisation, of which a copy is held at The British War Museum. Our client requests archival TIFF images, perfect for archival storage with PDF output with OCR (optical character recognition).  This will enable searchable text with ease, and allow the very valuable and rare diary to be placed back into storage, preventing any further damage. Extreme care with a 'white glove' approach is required in digitising rare books. With pages and documents starting to deteriorate, it is imperitive this is digitised to the highest quality, once only.  We will be using our archival Bookeye machine, perfect for this type of work. If we can support you with your non-destructive book scanning, then please do contact our office. We have the largest selection of professional Bookeye machines, perfect for archival and corporate digitisation. Kind regards Cheryl Oxford Duplication Ce