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Smoke Damaged Documents and How to Recover Through Scanning

  Recovering your Documents & Records  We are supporting a client with their large archive of documents which has suffered smoke damage from a fire that occurred in their building.   Fortunately for our clients, the documents were in their fireproof safes so apart from smoke damage they survived fairly well. Preserving vital corporate and historical documents is a huge responsibility as the papers have to be kept safe and intact for years to decades. To combat the inevitable aging or damage of papers, clients find solutions in document scanning services where physical deterioration of papers is no longer an issue. Paper documents are definitely vulnerable to floods, fires, and other natural disasters. The last thing you will want is to see them vanish without any backups. Losing vital papers will absolutely have a significant impact on your business and you do not want this to happen. In maintaining electronic files, data loss is no longer an issue. Leaving vital files else
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Sony U-Matic Video Tape Conversions to Pro-Res HD

  ProVideo Tape Transfer in SD and HD. Our Audio-Visual studio boasts an impressive collection of broadcast machines to include Sony U-matic tape decks for the conversion of all U-matic tapes. We are working extensively with a large production company, working with an NDA for the complete archive of their tape collections.   If we can support you with your archive collection of magnetic video tape, please do contact or call 01865 457000. Our studio has been transferring video tapes to digital formats for over 12 years, working with production houses, archives, museums and broadcasters in the UK and Europe. We are highly recognised and recommended as one of the leading digitisation companies, supporting clients from short order to complete archive collections. Our Audio-Visual conversion system is built around the World leading AWS Elemental systems to produce the highest quality Pro-Res and archive format outputs between all video standards, f

Heythrop Zoo Photographic Film Scanning

PHOTOGRAPHIC FILM SCANNING A project we have recently completed has been converting an archive of photographic medium format film into high quality digital images, suitable for online presence. To ensure a high quality output, we need follow important processes: The correct scanner for converting this medium The software to best capture the scanners capability ICC profiles for calibration Cleaning and maintenance of the film White glove approach due to oils on fingers Dust control These processes are all very important to bring out the very best in the film. One scanner or software approach will never offer the best solutions for our clients. Our studio is equipped with many different types of scanners which are all controlled by Silverfast Archival software, which offers leading innovation to bring about the very best in all photographic film. In the film world, medium format has moved from being the most widely used film size (the 1900s through 1950s) to a niche used by professio

The British Palestine Police Association (BPPA)

A very interesting historical order that we are preparing, is a vast collection of The British Palestine Police Association (BPPA) newsletters and magazines, which are being converted to PDF with Optical Character Recognition, to support their valuable and historical archives. If we can support you with your archives, please do contact The British Palestine Police Association (BPPA) came into being on February l st   2014, the day after the Palestine Police Old Comrades Association (PPOCA) disbanded. The BPPA was established with funds provided by PPOCA, to continue those services that had previously been provided by PPOCA, except for those already entrusted to SSAFA and St Antony's College, Oxford. Those services are: To enable surviving Palestine Police Old Comrades members and their families to keep in touch. To ensure, through collaboration with the CWGC, and if necessary other agencies, that the

Digitisation of Scrapbooks for the Famous Thoroughbred Mill Reef

We are currently about to work on a very interesting order from the Oak Spring Garden Foundation in Virginia, USA who are working on a film and project to commemoriate Mill Reef, one of Paul Mellon's, their founder's husbands famous thoroughbreds, Mill Reef, winning horse of the year in 1971.   The wife of Mill Reef's UK trainer, made wonderful scrapbooks, filled with photographs and newspaper clippings that we have been commissioned to digitise to high quality Archival TIFF files, with our archival processing applied. If we can support you with your archival digitisation projects, please do not hestiate to contact us: Mill Reef  (1968–1986) was a Champion  Thoroughbred   racehorse  and  sire . He was bred in the  United States  but was trained in the  United Kingdom  throughout his racing career which lasted from 1970 to 1972. Mill Reef won twelve of his fourteen races and finished second in the ot

AudioVisual Video Tape Digitising Services in Oxford

We are currently working with several production companies, preparing HDCam, D1 & 2, HI8 and Betcam tapes to Pro-Res digital files. These projects require post production after conversion to separate individual scenes, prepare Pro-Res sections and then provide MPEG4 vewing files before outputing to client hard drives. For technical support or a quote for your project, please call 01865 457000 or e-mail . Oxford Duplication provides professional audiovisual video and audio digitising services for production houses, archive collections, heritage sites, supporting archive and conversion of your titles. Our audiovisual services offer standard definition conversion, to include high definition up-scaling. With transparent pricing that is competitively priced, we can support projects from a few tapes to the 1000's. AUDIOVISUAL MAGNETIC VIDEO TAPE CONVERSION AND INGESTING SERVICES VIDEO FORMATS Digitising Options: Transfer in SD PAL/NTSC resolution.

Scanning Archival Microfilm to Uncompressed TIFF Files

35mm Microfiche and 16mm Microfilm Roll film Scanning Services to TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PNG Digital Images Oxford, Microfilm Scanning  We are currently working on several large archives of Microfilm in the two formats: 35mm and 16mm.   These Microfilm are for archival purposes and as such require our HQ TIFF scanning services. Each file is converted in an uncompressed format that will capture all the detailing of the images.   Typically, this service is used for film that has captured rare books, with the original books unfortunately lost or destroyed. With the Microfilm being the only copy, we need to ensure a very careful approach, using white gloves to eliminate dust particles and smudging of fingerprints on the film.   Microfilm Link to Our Site MICROFILM SERVICES Our company can convert microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards upto 1200dpi TIFF uncompressed files.  Other output formats include PDF, JPEG or PNG.   There are many options to scan microfilm to digital. Each project