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VHS TO DVD: The most perfect present for Christmas

THINK CHRISTMAS. Think Ideal Xmas Presents for Loved Ones.
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Video Tape, Camcorder Tapes, Old Cine Film, 35mm Slides and Negatives, Photographs, Medium Format Film, SD Memory Cards, Floppy Discs, Laser Discs to DVD, Blu-ray, MP4 and Editable Computer Files.

Audio Reel to Reel Tape, Vinyls and Lps, Audio Cassette, Dictaphone Cassettes, Mini Disc, DAT Tapes, Audio Restoration Works to Audio CD, WAV or MP3. 

Family photos from phones, laptops, ipads, email, videos or cine film to DVD, Blu-ray and CD Duplication.


BESPOKE ARCHIVE DIGITISATION OXFORD Working with clients to include libraries, museums, archivist collections, Royal Navy, Blenheim Palace, B4 Business, Colleges and University of Oxford we support companies with their extensive collections that need converting into digital formats. From administration records, invoices, deeds and documents to 1000’s of photographs, medium format film and slides, negatives and special formats. We can quite capably support all our digitisation requirements. Our staff are highly trained and can offer guidance into your digital needs. Contact us on 01865 457000 or email Services Digital files can be created from the following originals: • Books
• Ledgers
• Manuscripts
• Scrolls
• Maps
• Plans
• Newspapers
• Registers
• Magazines
• Photographs
• Photographic Film
• Glass plate Film
• Artworks
• Microfilm
• Microfiche
• Video/Cinefilm
• Audio tape formats Cheryl-Lee Foulsham
Director Oxford Digitisation Centre
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THINK CHRISTMAS! Think Ideal Presents.

I know we are only in November but its only 6 weeks until Xmas.
Not only do we provide corporate digitising but we prepare family archives from:
·Slide and Negative Scanning·Glass Plate and Lantern Slides·Book and Diaries·Photographs and Albums·Video Tapes and Audio Cassettes·Vinyl's and Laser Discs·Reel to Reel and Old Formats

So when thinking about a perfect present for the one that has everything, we suggest digging out all those old memories and bringing them in for us to prepare beautiful Christmas presents.  
With bespoke ideas to include personalised printing and direct images to CDs or DVDs, branded boxes and gift wrap if required, we can support all your ideas for the most wonderful gift a family  member can receive.
Cheryl-Lee Foulsham Director
Oxford Duplication Centre A: 29 Banbury Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AQ T: 01865 457000 | M: 07917 775477 E: