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16mm Microfiche
The most common microfiche is the 16mm microfiche. Holding over 60 images captured on negative film they can hold documents between A5 A4 and A3.

35mm Microfiche
This type of film holds up to 6 images per sleeve. These are used for large format images typically including engineer and architect drawings, newspapers and plans.

Combi Microfiche
Combi hold a mix of both 16mm microfiche and 35mm microfiche. Images are usually a mix of drawings, plans and A4 documents.

COM Microfiche
This type of rarer fiche contain upto 270 images. Usually used in corporate companies to store reports and data.

16mm Microfilm
This film is the most common microfilm which holds around 2400 A4 images or upto 10000 A5 images. 

35mm Microfilm
This film was used to store large images. This film can hold around 600 images in large A3 format.

Aperture Cards
Aperture cards are not in the microfiche and microfilm family but they are very simil…