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The Temeloes and Their Girlfriends - Transparency Negative Scanning

Working with our client we were asked to scan a transparency negative of The Temeloes with their girlfriends.  We can only assume that someone was watching the photographer and quickly took their own image.  But rather exciting to convert. The Tremeloes  are an English  beat group  founded in 1958 in  Dagenham ,  Essex .   They initially found success in the  British Invasion  era with lead singer  Brian Poole , scoring a UK  chart-topper  in 1963 with " Do You Love Me ".  After Poole's departure in 1966, the band achieved further success as a four-piece with 13 Top 40 hits on the  UK Singles Chart  between 1967 and 1971 including " Here Comes My Baby ", "Even the Bad Times Are Good", "(Call Me) Number One", "Me and My Life" and their most successful single, " Silence Is Golden ". More information about this band can be found

Follow The Stars - A Celebration of Christmas Fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support

Oxford Duplication Centre are proud to support MacMillan Cancer Support with their archival artwork support for their kOrky's artwork. Follow The Stars - A Celebration of Christmas Fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support It's only a few days now until the Premiere of Follow the Stars in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and the committee is so looking forward to it.   We very much hope you will tune in and enjoy it too; the link will be on the  JustGiving page , there will be a countdown and the programme will start at 8pm.   The concert is available to view until 31st December so please feel free to enjoy with friends and family over the festive period.   If you signed up you will also get a reminder on Friday, but thought I would email you the list too just incase. Let’s hope next year we will all be looking forward to meeting for A Celebration of Christmas in Christ Church Cathedral. 

Unlike Wine, Tape Does Not Improve With Age

Tapes do not improve with age. Quite the opposite. Corporates, consumer and heritage clients have vast archives of magnetic tape that contain information that needs to be preserved.  70% of all audio-visual material is under the threat of deterioration, damage or obsolescence. From about 1950 through the 1990s, most of the world’s audio-visual was entrusted to analogue magnetic recording tape for archival storage.  Now that analogue magnetic tape has moved into a niche archival market, that we at Oxford Duplication Centre specialise in, it is time to reflect and realise that it is time to start worrying about the remaining lifetime of existing tapes.   Video tapes are fundamentally composed of three layers:   1. the binder layer – magnetic particles responsible for signal quality   2. the substrate – stability, strength and friction support   3. the backing – stability, strength and friction support  Corporate and consumer tapes all share one thing in common: they are magnetic media. T

China Changed My Mind Project

CHINA CHANGED MY MIND PROJECT One of our lovely clients asked if we would be willing to support them in turning a 70-year-old book by David Morris, China Changed my Mind into a facsimile eBook ready to upload to Amazon Kindle. This book was of academic and historical importance due to being  about the FAU China Convoy in WW2. Kindle Book:   CCMM website:   SYNOPSIS In the Autumn of 1939, a young Welshman who had recently finished his education at Mill Hill School in North London, went up to Oxford University on a Scholarship to read History at Brasenose College. His name was David Elwyn Morris, born on the 22nd May 1920, the only son of the renowned Baptist Preacher Samuel Mordechai Morris and his wife Kathleen.   Like many others of his generation who were born into a world that followed "the war to end all wars" he was already a committed Christian Paci

Document Scanning of the Kidlington Historical Societies Archives

Oxford Duplication Centre Working with Local History | Kidlington Historical Society Project | England Kidlington  &  District Historical Society . The Society was founded in 1971 with the object of promoting an interest in the history, architecture and archaeology.  The society carries out research into the local history of Kidlington and the adjoining area. Our experienced team at Oxford Duplication are working on a year project to document scan, prepare OCR (optical character recognition) and embed the vast and complex Kidlington Historical Society's document archives into a live working Excel Spreadsheet that can be embedded into their website. The archive comprises of many thousands of documents, books, pamphlets and newspapers that need to be individually scanned and indexed accordingly. Understandably this project requires a high level of experience and accuracy to ensure that documents relating to Kidlington and surrounding areas are indexed accurately, ready for online

1991: Iraqi Scud missiles hit Israel

AUDIO CASSETTE TO HQ HERITAGE WAV FILES One of our unique and interesting orders that arrived this week was in the form of an old audio cassette tape.   On this tape is a recording of 1991: Iraqi Scud missiles attack that hit Israel during this very troubled time. Our role is to convert the audio into an archival WAV file with audio restoration applied to remove the audio cassette issues of hiss and age related wear. This order has sentimental value as both the client and his wife were in a hotel when the Scud missiles hit.  Iraq had attacked two Israeli cities with Scud missiles, prompting fears that Israel may be drawn into the Gulf War. Israel's largest city, Tel Aviv, and Haifa, its main seaport, were hit in the attacks, which began at 0300 local time (0100 GMT), when most residents were asleep.

Personal Archiving Projects

Archiving a Life Story Most of us comb through a lifelong collection of personal papers and photos either when we have plenty of free time (typically in retirement) or when we have to deal with the belongings of a deceased loved one.  All too often the job seems so daunting and overwhelming that our natural response is to get discouraged and say, “I don’t know where to begin” or “It’s too much; I’ll do it some other time” or worse, “I’ll just get rid of it all.” At Oxford Duplication Centre, our archivists process every type of collection imaginable. We often acquire personal papers and mementos, things that had special meaning to the owner, not only letters and photos but also locks of hair, newspaper clippings and documents. Some collections arrive neatly organised and others arrive heaped into makeshift containers.  “Not everyone values this stuff but if you archive it, it will be there for somebody in a later generation. There may be one person who really cares about their fa

The Repair Shop - How To Spot A Ferrotype Camera 1855-1940s

After watching The Repair Shop on BBC1 restore a beautiful and rather rare ferrotype camera I thought a blog on the process would be interesting. Not only did they repair but they managed to have the camera working, taking photographs. This was very inspirational given the age of the camera. ABOUT FERROTYPE PROCESS Ferrotypes first appeared in America in the 1850s, but didn’t become popular in Britain until the 1870s. They were still being made by while-you-wait street photographers as late as the 1950s. The ferrotype process was a variation of the collodion positive, and used a similar process to  wet plate photography . A very underexposed negative image was produced on a thin iron plate. It was blackened by painting, lacquering or enamelling, and coated with a collodion photographic emulsion. The dark background gave the resulting image the appearance of a positive. Unlike collodion positives, ferrotypes did not need mounting in a case to produce a positive i

Floppy Disks, Zip Drives, Jaz Disks Conversion

FLOPPY DISC RECOVERY SERVICES Floppy disks, initially as 8-inch (203 mm) media and later in 5 1⁄4-inch   and ​3 1⁄2 inch sizes, were a form of data storage from the mid-1970s . By 2006, computers were rarely manufactured with installed floppy disk drives.  Also known as a floppy, diskette, or simply disk,  a type of disk storage composed of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage medium, sealed in a rectangular plastic enclosure lined with fabric that removes dust particles. Floppy disks are read and written by a floppy disk drive (FDD).

Glass Plate Negative Scanning in Oxfordshire UK

The Preservation of Glass Plate Negatives Highly recommended in Oxfordshire and Thames Valley as one of the leading scanning and archive specialists, we hold 5***** testimonials from University of Oxford, B4 Business, Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers Museums to include thousands of consumer clients. From small orders to large bulk order archives our team excel in all areas of digital scanning solutions. Our digitisation and scanning department can support public and corporate media to include glass plate negatives and lantern slides . Once scanned the negatives can be converted into digital formats such as RAW, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, BMP and Adobe PDF in full colour or greyscale.

CD Duplication Services in Oxfordshire UK

CD DUPLICATION SERVICES IN OXFORDSHIRE UK Offering professional high quality grade duplication, printing and packaging options. 5***** testimonials.  All prices exclude VAT @ 20%. MUSICIANS, BANDS AND CHARITIES RECEIVE 10% OFF ALL ORDERS

Vellum Document Deed Scanning in Oxfordshire

One of our most interesting orders came in today in the form of a vellum property deed dating back nearly 200 years. We were asked to prepare a digital copy so our client could preserve the original. After assessment we decided on which scanner to use and scanned the deed to a high quality Archival TIFF file before applying post production tone and sharpening. The results were stunning and a wonderful image produced. Interesting fact:  To ensure you could prove a duplicate copy, some deeds had a defined curved wave cut out at the top. This meant the original's replica could be matched 100% to the original, safeguarding fraud. What is vellum? Vellum is prepared  animal skin or "membrane", typically used as  a material for writing or printing on, to produce single pages, scrolls,  codices  or books. The word is derived from the  Latin  word  vitulinum  meaning "made from calf". Typically deeds are folded and stored. Although vellum is a str

Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Scanning

  Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Scanning Oxford Duplication Centre offer many archival solutions for converting to digital formats 16mm and 35mm microfilm, aperture cards and microfilm jackets. Our scanning services support businesses with cost effective and competitive pricing to convert your archive into the formats of your choice. Our microfilm scanner can convert all images scanning to the latest technology up to 600dpi.   Our services include: ·          16mm Roll Film ·          35mm Roll Film ·          Master Jacketed Microfilm ·          35mm Aperture Cards Output formats TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG2000, BMP etc formats up to 600 DPI resolution. Collection and Delivery We can collect and deliver your orders either via courier or personal collection.   Perfect for busy offices or valuable archives. Alternatively, you can pop in to our offices at any time during our opening hours.   Monday to Thursday 9-5pm and Friday 9-3pm. We are closed w