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We are currently working on a large order with Blue Cross. Pets are at the heart of everything they do. Each year, thousands of cats, dogs, small pets, and horses turn up to their animal hospitals, clinics and rehoming services for treatment and to find them the happy homes they deserve.  The Blue Cross Education and Behaviour Teams prepare future pet owners to take responsibility and look after their pets for life.

Our book, magazine and document scanning services are highly recommended by leading companies. If you wish to discuss a project, please do email or call 01865 457000.

Book Scanning – Digitisation of books and delicate items

This order required 2 different types of digitising. The first was destructive magazine scanning, whereby we trim the bound edge and convert using our fast batch scanners. With our state-of-the-art scanning bureau, we digitised their complete archive of magazines and books, backdated to several decades.  The output was prepared as full colour PDFs with optical character recognition, perfect for o
nline searching and viewing.

The second was non-destructive scanning, whereby each page had to be carefully scanned to ensure the bound book was retained. This is typical for one-off copies and rare books.

Management of Books and Documents

Our services offer clients affordable and highly professional digitisation of all formats of documents and convert these to electronic formats of your choice.  We can effectively scan up to A1, and include fragile documents such as old maps, plans and drawings, artwork, and other specialist media.

Scanned images can be provided in many formats such as TIFF, JPEG or PDF formats, and can be created in B/W, Colour or Greyscale up to 600dpi, with output to USB, FTP, or similar systems.

Non-Destructive Handling

Our state-of-the-art book scanners utilise flatbed and V-cradle technology, ensuring the most delicate of books and media are digitised without harm.


Looking for Document Scanning Services at a Competitive Rate?

We have invested in the latest state of the art book scanning technology to support our clients with not only highly accurate completion of orders, but at affordable prices that support budgets.


High Volume Document Scanning


Our services extend further with our high-volume document scanning. From as little as £49.95 plus VAT for 1000 pages, with an output to PDF, we have become a leading specialist in batch scanning.


Our document scanning services support clients with:

Our client list includes: 

NHS Trusts

Medical Practices & Clinics

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Charitable Organisations

Local Government Authorities

Government Institutions

Law Firms & Solicitors

Financial Institutions

Construction & Engineering Firms



Private Individuals


Private Sector Organisations

Public Sector Organisations



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